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Edison Amberola 30 for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.
The Amberola 30, introduced in 1915, isn't rare, but it is a reliable device for playing your four minute Blue Amberol records. The 30 referred to its original price in dollars -- there was also a 50 and a 75 model in this series of Amberolas which appeared after the great factory fire of 1914.

Please don't confuse this Amberola 30 that we are offering with a machine presented on ebay or some other venue. This machine has been painstakingly rebuilt with the goal of giving you another hundred years of trouble free service.

Here is some of what I do to a machine like this:

Take the motor and upperworks totally apart.
Clean and examine each gear. Replace questionable gearing.
Clean and oil the bushings.
Remove clean and oil the governor shaft for smooth running. Check the security of the governor weights so they don't fly off.
Clean the feed screw and half nut. Check for wear on the half nut and adjust half nut tension.
Reassemble, lubricate, and readjust everything.
Inspect the diamond reproducer stylus under magnification. Rebuild the reproducer if necessary. Sometimes the stylus can have a slight chip but will still make some sound. The ebay seller may tell you that the machine works. It may work, but it will never sound quite right. Did you know that a new stylus costs at least $100, plus the cost of a reproducer rebuild to install it? At that point, the ebay machine may not be the bargain it appeared to be.
Fine tune everything, then run the machine through dozens of cylinders to check spring tension and power.

I've done all of the above to this machine. It has a good original reproducer.

The golden oak cabinet with original, not reproduction, grill is in exceptionally nice condition. Amberola 30s are known for veneer peel. I've had to reveneer many of these machines, but this is one of the few I've seen with nice original veneer. There are two very small veneer patches I put on the case that you likely won't ever notice. I've partly refinished and polished the cabinet back to a golden brown color -- it looks absolutely great.

As always, no additional charge for packing or handling. Includes a bonus five good Edison Blue Amberol cylinders to get you started.

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