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Early keywind music box
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Early keywind music box for sale


Don't be deceived by the plain case of this little music box. This keywind dates ca. 1840-1850, as early as you are ever likely to find a music box, and in the opinion of many collectors (myself included), these early boxes ring out with a sound unsurpassed by anything that came later. As befits their early origin, they are also quite scarce.

This box is in very good original condition. There are six tunes playing off a 10 1/4 inch cylinder, with 102 teeth.

The end flap on the left folds down, and the key is inserted from the side of the case. Early boxes like this also have a control for stop-at-once, the so-called repairman's stop, which was pretty much dropped at the end of the keywind era.

I do not know the maker, and in this case it really doesn't matter, as everything of this vintage was of exceptional quality. The BB and C on the tune sheet would have been the distributor. The brass bedplate is stamped 1552.There is some typical age-related separation on the lid and end flap.

Something special.

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