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Edison Model F Standard with Cygnet Horn
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Edison Standard Phonograph, S Reproducer and Cygnet Horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This machine, the Model F Standard, is a late, seldom seen version of the Edison Standard Phonograph.

Introduced in late 1911 it incorporated some features which made it acoustically superior to earlier versions, and which are still desired by collectors today.

The vertical standing Cygnet horn not only saved space, but also reproduced sound more faithfully and beautifully than prior speakers.

The special S reproducer featured an oversized diaphragm, and a swivel arrangement with both 2 and 4 minute styli in order to play both the old 2 minute records and the new 4 minute records.

This example has been mechanically rebuilt. This means that in order to ensure maximum reliability I have taken everything apart, cleaned, inspected, oiled, adjusted and put it back together again.

Among other things I have pulled and re-greased the mainspring (a big job), polished the governor shaft, replaced the mandrel bearing, freed up the tensioner and re-belted the machine.

I have installed a brand new 4 minute stylus in the reproducer. I also turned the 2 minute stylus to eliminate a slight echo on the 2 minute records.

This machine is now running smoothly and properly. If you are considering an Edison phonograph on ebay or some other venue ask the ebay seller if any of the above maintenance has been performed on the ebay machine, and take careful note of the response.

This machine still carries very decent original finish and original decal. The paint and pinstriping on the bedplate are quite nice, as you can see in the images.

Because the S reproducer is still sitting in its original pot metal shell I didn't try to disturb it as far as disassembling to the diaphragm -- it's playing well, as you can hear in the mp3.

The Cygnet horn was considerably weathered and faded when we received it. Rather than repaint it, I applied some clear shellac to bring back the gloss and leave it as original as possible. If you look at it closely you may see some evidence of abrasion. It's still decent, and I have left the issue of repainting as your choice, rather than mine. The Cygnet craning is original, not the commonly found reproduction.

Purchasing this machine is a little like getting two Edisons for the price of one. It will play the earlier wax records as well as the Blue Amberols. You can hear it play both on two minute and four minute on the mp3 -- the first selection is a Blue Amberol, the second black wax.

Price includes five nice cylinder records to get you started.

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