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Regina curved front automatic changer for sale


This incredible instrument and mechanical marvel, a sort of predecessor to the jukebox, was introduced by Regina in 1899. It appears in the catalogues as a Regina Corona Style 35, but is typically described by collectors as a curved front automatic changer.

A dozen 15 1/2" discs sit in a toaster rack at the base of the machine. When the machine is turned on, the discs automatically raise themselves into position, play a tune, and then deposit themselves back into the rack. Then the next disc plays itself, and so on. You can also select an individual tune, or even set one tune to continuous play.

The machine here is the home version of the automatic changer, as opposed to the coin-operated version. It's housed in a very nice, very clean original finish oak case.(Typically I did not receive a crest for the case, but reproductions have been available.)

The machine is performing well. I've done some work on it to bring it back to the display piece it was meant to be. I have cleaned and put a new jewel in the governor assembly, freed up and lubricated some of the wheels and cams that control the operation, adjusted the straps that lift the disc, etc.

The combs are in good condition. There are no broken teeth. I have pulled and gently cleaned the combs with a solvent, and have regulated the dampers a bit.

These machines not only put on an eye-popping show, they also sound loud and brilliant because of the piano sounding board in the rear.

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