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Edison Home Phonograph with Morning Glory Horn for sale

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Love the look of a morning glory horn? Here's the perfect machine for you. This Edison Home Phonograph has been rebuilt to give you maximum reliability and acoustic pleasure.

The golden oak case and upperworks on this Home model would date it between around 1904-1909. But at some point, probably around 1910, the owner installed a combination conversion kit to give this machine the ability to play both two and the new four minute records. In other words, it's a little like getting two machines for the price of one.

Combination machines can be a little temperamental if everything isn't just right, so to make sure everything runs the way it's supposed to, I have disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, inspected and adjusted everything, and then put it back together.

With this particular machine, to give you a little idea of what we do, I am going to tell you about just two services we perform. Both are important if labor intensive, and neither is something that an ebay seller is likely to do for you.

First, I have removed, cleaned and regreased the mainspring. The spring on a combination model must be strong enough to push through the friction of extra gearing, and if the old dried up grease causes the spring to stick to itself the machine will never run right.

Second, I replaced a brass gear in the motor that commonly breaks. I could save a few dollars by soldering the old gear back in place and hope that it holds, but instead I put in a new gear.

This Home model has good original finish and original decal.The pretty red morning glory horn with hand painted flowers and white sunburst would be an aftermarket accessory horn. The craning has a little corrosion and looks old (it could be an old reproduction -- it's sometimes hard to tell). There is a little typical creasing at the ends of the panels of the horn, and some very typical fading on the outside of the horn, but the colors inside are still quite brilliant.

This combination Home comes with a rebuilt Model H four minute reproducer. (If you're looking at the images, the green color on the reproducer is a dye Edison used to distinguish it from the 2 minute reproducer.) Availability of records isn't a major consideration regardless of the type of record, but 4 minute records are a little easier to find and held up a little better. Add a Model C 2 minute reproducer, readily available, and you're covered for everything.

Listen to the mp3 and hear how nice this plays. The artist is the incomparable Billy Murray, singing The Little Ford Rambled Right Along. Price includes six very nice genuine Edison Blue Amberol records.

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