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Columbia Graphophone Type BE
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Columbia Graphophone Type BE for sale


Following the introduction of Columbia's 6 inch long, 3 minute records at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, Columbia introduced a new series of cylinder Graphophones with extended mandrels to accommodate the new records.

The models BE and BF were housed in elaborate, ornate cases, the BE being almost identical in design to the BF, but sitting in a slightly smaller cabinet.The 6 inch records did not sell well, but the BE and BF sold modestly well, and were also capable of playing standard two minute records.

The wild design elements, a love of ornateness for its own sake, with pillars, picture frame molding and serpentine bases - were quite unlike Edison's utilitarian offerings. The funky look of the cabinet, combined with the color banner decal at the front of the machine, has great appeal for present day collectors.

This is an original finish example, playing properly. I have rebuilt the Lyric reproducer with a new diaphragm and new gaskets. The sapphire stylus is still good. Columbia reproducers never yielded the sound quality of Edison reproducers, but this reproducer is quite satisfactory, as you can hear in the mp3.

Includes an older 14" all brass reproduction horn, and 5 nice two minute records.

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