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Columbia Graphophone Type A for sale

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The Columbia Type A cylinder Graphophone is as early a machine as a collector is likely to find -- almost anything earlier would be a rare, Bell-Tainer Graphophone. This version of the A, with a New York decal, was introduced in 1897. (The same cabinet with a Washington decal was introduced in 1896.

The golden oak finish and banner decal on this example is quite nice. The original reproducer was replaced at some point with a larger D type reproducer with 1 3/4" diaphragm. There are some scratches on the nickel bedplate, but the bedplate is not heavily rusted as often found. One latching clip on the lid is missing. The horn is a replica of the special 10" nickel horn. The slip on crank, which falls off as the spring unwinds in the manner of early machines, is a reproduction.

This is a working, functional early Graphophone. Price includes five nice two minute records.

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