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Columbia Columbia Graphophone Type BK
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Columbia Graphophone Type BK for sale

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Introduced in late 1906, the Columbia BK competed in size and price ($20) with the Edison Standard Phonograph. The case, devoid of the usual Columbia embellished columns and fancy molding, also resembled the Edison Standard in its design elements.

The BK featured a double spring motor and Columbia's new Lyric spring contact reproducer.

Unlike some other Columbia models, the BK did not use pot metal in its upperworks, meaning that the mechanism did not freeze up or crumble after 100 years.

I have polished the cabinet a little on this machine, but I haven't taken the motor totally apart and rebuilt it. However, everything is running smoothly and the machine has been re-belted.

In my opinion, Columbia reproducers were never the equal of their Edison counterparts, although the sound certainly must have proved satisfactory to Columbia's customers. I have rebuilt this spring contact reproducer, which was an improvement over Columbia's floating reproducers, but these reproducers are more prone to blast than an Edison Model C. (If you want to know why read this post.)

This reproducer seems to do a little better with the Columbia Indestructible records, although it will play Edison two minute black wax records.

If you plan to listen to a lot of cylinders, and want something with the highest degree of fidelity for the era, you might consider one of our rebuilt Edison machines. If you want something a little less expensive that is a nice working example of the technology of 1907 then maybe this BK Graphophone is for you.

Price includes 14" replica brass and black horn and three Indestructible records.

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