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Columbia Graphophone Type AQ
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Columbia Graphophone Type AQ for sale

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This little inexpensive trivet shaped, keywind openworks machine is surprisingly scarce. at least in my experience. It was introduced in 1904 at a price of $5. According to Hazelcorn's Columbia Phonograph Companion it never appeared in any regular Columbia catalog, so perhaps this explains why I have seen so few of these.

An earlier version, the AP didn't even employ a feed screw, and so the machine had to be properly leveled and balanced in order to play a cylinder. The AQ employed a crude feed screw which was integral with the horn/reproducer housing.

I put a new stylus on the reproducer of this machine, and it is playing loud and clear.

If you want a machine which is small, cute and unusual, and which you want to demonstrate occasionally as an example of early technology, you might consider the AQ. If you are going to be playing a lot of cylinders this may not be your best choice, as the feed must be removed and placed at the beginning of every record, and the reproducer and stylus must be perfectly aligned in the groove.

Price includes 3 nice original cylinders.

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