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Victor Orthophonic reproducer, brass for sale
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Victor Orthophonic reproducer - brass for sale


The early, hard-to-find original brass reproducer for Victor Orthophonic machines. This is not the pot metal version that crumbles, swells and becomes unrepairable. This is the best, most advanced acoustic reproducer, designed for use with Orthophonic re-entrant horn machines.

You can verify that this is the brass reproducer because
a)The lettering on the back is engraved rather than raised.
b}The opening at the bottom of the shell opposite the needle chuck is a slot rather than a hole.

The reproducer has not been rebuilt, but is complete, working and tested.

This is the nickel plated version. If your hardware is gold plated, and it's important to you that this matches, you can treat it with some rub-n-buff.

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