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18 inch Mira music box - console case for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Many musical connoisseurs consider the 18 inch Mira the finest disc musical box ever made. If I had to pick just one music box to entertain me on a deserted island this would certainly be my choice. The deep resonant bass and brilliant tonal quality are unsurpassed in sound by anything else.

The console Miras like the machine shown here not only offered built in disc storage, but for some reason seem to me to resonate better than even the tabletop 18" Miras. Perhaps it is in the construction of the case, or perhaps the fretwork on the upper sounding slats of the case contributed to a musical enhancement in the way the fretwork on a violin or guitar might work.

This bow front type case with fancy pillars and decoration appears in a Mermod Freres catalogue as a Number 290, at a price of $135. (I don't have a date for the catalogue, but I would guess ca. 1904.)

This example is in very, very nice condition. The mahogany case retains nice, rich original finish. There are just a very tiny number of typical nicks near the slats (where the disc or crank probably hit), and a very small number of light scratches on the lid. The two keyhole escutcheons have been removed (not important, but noted here) . If I had to rate the case, I'd be confident giving it a 9 out 10.

More important the movement and the combs are in very, very nice condition. No broken teeth, no rust on the combs, star wheels very clean, no damper noise, etc. The motor is running smoothly and properly. Listen to it, and you get the unforgettable, overwhelming Mira sound.

Eighteen inch Mira discs are relatively easy to obtain. We'll include a baker's dozen with this machine to get you started.

Dimensions: 39.5" tall, 30: wide, 22.5" deep.

As good as it gets.

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