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Late Blue Amberol Standard Practice record
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Unusual late Blue Amberol - Standard Practice for sale


I've never found much information about this very late, very scarce unusual Blue Amberol cylinder. The consensus seems to be that it dates ca 1929-1930 and represents the very, very last of the Blue Amberol records.

Although it looks a lot like a regular Blue Amberol, there are some subtle differences. The interior of the cylinder is blue, and is smooth, not ridged like most Blue Amberols. The box has a thin cotton lining on the inside, unlike regular Blue Amberols.

And the record is threaded at 150 tpi, indicating it was intended to be played on Ediphone business machines. It is marked Ediphone Standard Practice Record No. 9, and is part of a series intended to teach dictation.

The record is in very nice condition, and the box retains its original lid.

A curiosity of collecting, and something to complete your display of Blue Amberol cylinders to reflect the very end of production.

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