Music box resources

Purchasing an antique music box
Music Boxes 101. How to assess condition like an expert.

Regina notes
Some notes and tips relating specifically to the Regina music box.

Regina Music Box Company catalog. (pdf) Original undated catalog, probably around 1910, showing details of manufacture and depicting many Regina models.

Regina music box FAQ


Phonograph resources

Collecting Antique Phonographs and Victrolas
A tightly condensed history of the talking machine industry, from a collector's point of view.

Antique Phonograph and Victrola FAQ
What's my machine worth, when was it made, how to get parts, and other frequently asked questions.

Edison Phonograph tutorial
A short Edison of the Edison phonograph, model identification, common repairs.

The Columbia Graphophone and Grafonola
The history of the Graphophone company, cylinder and disc model identification, common repairs.

Edison Records Explained
How to tell the difference between a two minute and a four minute record.

Edison Amberola Tutorial
Identification, repair and history of internal horn Edison phonographs.

Victrola repair
Common repairs for disc talking machines.

Edison phonographs for sale
Quick tips before you purchase.

Antique wind-up gramophones for sale
More quick tips before you purchase.

Outside horn Victor Talking Machine identification, and some tips before purchase
Some nice images of many of the Victor models.

Victrolas for sale
History of the Victrola, and where to find our Victrolas for sale.

The Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph
History, timeline, and identification of Edison's late entry into the disc phonograph market.

Wonderful Windup Antiques Catalogue (pdf) showing front mount machines and arms
An old catalogue from Norman and Janyne Smith's Wonderful Windup Antiques. The Smiths are no longer selling these parts, but the catalogue is extremely useful for showing the dimensions of cabinets and size of tone and support arms.

1915 Edison Amberola catalogue (pdf)
Showing the Models 30, 50, 75 and the revised Model V.

Operation and Care of the Edison Phonograph (pdf)
Manual for the operation of Diamond Disc machines, ca 1926.

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