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Base cabinet for Regina music box
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Music Box Base Cabinet - Regina and Others for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Perhaps one music box out of a hundred was sold with a base cabinet -- and out of that number only a small portion survived. Original base cabinets are surprisingly scarce, as you have no doubt discovered if you have come to this page in search of one.

A base cabinet wasn't useful just as a place to store records. A heavy base such as this, backed up against a wall in a parlor sized room, yielded ultimate resonance and musical experience.

This is a substantial original base cabinet for a Regina music box, of the type sold ca. 1898. It's a bit more desirable and more ornate than some of the plain, single door cabinets sold aftermarket.

This cabinet has been refinished back to golden oak and is in good, sturdy condition. There is a small spot of weathering on the center of the top. The drawer that pulls out of the side to hold the discs, though not refinished, is present.

The cabinet retains around half the original dividers, which are usually totally missing.

Dimensions at the top are 24 inches wide by 22 inches deep. This cabinet will hold 15.5 inch Regina discs, but is appropriate for other brands and discs in that range, up to a 15 3/4 inch Criterion/Olympia disc.

This item is pick-up only, as we are unable to pack it. If you want it shipped, you would have to arrange packing and delivery.

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