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Victor barnside for sale

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This unusual item, a dazzling combination of phonograph advertising and folk art, is the entire side of a barn from a small town in central Ohio. It's on the order of the Mail Pouch signs that once decorated America. The weathered siding is in tones of subdued gray and gold, and is in good condition. It's a little hard to judge what it looks like from the picture, because the panels aren't aligned, but the whole barnside is around 5 feet long by 7 feet tall, and will just about fill one wall as the background for your music room. The piece on the far left would have been the door to the barn -- if you look carefully you can see the hinges.
Judging from the look of the machine the painter captured, as well as the look of the siding, this barnside could be as early as 1902 or 1903. Perhaps at one time a number of these were contracted as Victor advertising -- we'll never know for sure, but we can be certain that this is the only surving example.
A great piece of Americana.

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