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Edison Home Phonograph with Banner Decal - Restored for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

This version of Edison's Home Phonograph dates between 1901 -1904 -- after that the fancy banner decal so beloved by modern collectors was dropped in favor of a plainer, more conservative Edison decal.

I have taken this machine totally apart and put it back together, ie rebuilt it, in order to clean and inspect it and ensure it runs as Edison intended.

Among other things I polish the governor assembly, clean and re-lubricate the gearing and bushings, and clean and re-grease the mainspring, free up the tensioner, re-belt, etc.

I have also rebuilt the original Model C reproducer.

This is one reason that the Edisons on our website may differ from those on ebay or some other venue. I have learned that after 100 years this kind of maintenance is important for smooth and proper operation, and that you often discover some trouble spot during disassembly. On this machine, for example, I replaced the pot metal lower belt pulley. It might work for a while, but the set screw would eventually not hold, and the belt would slip.

The case, which has been gently cleaned and polished, has some typical weathering and age-related darkening and discoloration of the finish, but has no distress or gouges. The colorful original scroll banner decal is still visible and prominent.

Price includes 14" replica horn and 5 clean two minute cylinders.

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