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Columbia 25H (BN) for sale

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This is one of the last outside horn Columbias. Introduced in 1915 as a type 25H, it's a continuation of the Columbia Graphophone Type BN. Housed in a golden oak cabinet in the style of the earlier BN, it employs a double spring motor for extended playing time.

The machine is playing quite loud and vibrantly, as you can hear on the mp3 (yes, that's Al Jolson singing). I haven't rebuilt the motor, which is working properly, but I have done some other work on the machine.

I have disassembled the reproducer and replaced the old brittle gasketing in it. Not quite as noticeable, but equally important, I have replaced the pot metal elbow in the tone arm. These elbows almost always swell and crack, eventually rendering the machine inoperable.

The horn is something of a minor mystery to me. This embellished horn was used on several late Columbia models, including some machines intended for export to Europe. I have seen it in glossy green and glossy black, but I've never seen it in the matte finish on this machine. It's possible that the horn has been repainted, but there is no evidence of old paint under the matte black.

The cabinet has good original finish, with some slight typical weathering of the decal. There's a clamp around the small end of the elbow. When I looked inside the elbow I discovered a hairline, which explained the clamp, which I suspect has been on the elbow for at least 50 years, so I doubt that you are going to get any more separation.

Reasonably priced, working well, blasts out with impressive fidelity.

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