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Columbia Graphophone Type BKT
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Columbia Graphophone Type BKT for sale

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In 1907 Columbia introduced a series of innovative aluminum tone arm Graphophones, mating a rear mount bracket to the cylinder phonograph in a way Edison had never done, and eliminating the awkward craning necessary to support a large horn.

The BKT was the tone arm version of the Columbia BK of 1906, the "T" in the model designation standing for tone arm.

As the introduction of these models came at a time of rapidly declining cylinder phonograph sales, all of the Columbia tone arm machines are relatively scarce.

This BKT is a very clean nice original example, in a golden oak case with original banner decal. It's a complete original machine, no reproduction parts. The little loop assembly that connects the tone arm to the reproducer is often missing on these machines, and is impossible to find, but is present on this example.

I took apart most of the motor and cleaned it, and pulled and re-greased the mainsprings, important for steady running. It seems like you always find some potential problem area when you examine these machines, and in this case I discovered that someone had removed all the screws that hold the two spring barrels to each other, causing the barrels to separate from each other. This was repaired, and again this is the reason I invite you to compare our machines to those on ebay or some other venue.

I also disassembled the reproducer, replaced the dried out old gaskets, and repaired a break on the diaphragm arbor that was causing the reproducer to lose sound.

The machine is now running properly and reproducing faithfully.

The black horn with gold striping is appropriate for the machine, and has exceptionally nice original gloss and paint. There is a small crease in one panel of the horn, and some typical distortion of the threading, but not enough to prevent it from screwing firmly into the elbow.

Cute as can be, and includes 5 cylinder records.

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