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Columbia Graphophone Type BK
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Columbia Graphophone Type BK - Restored for sale


This second style of the Columbia BK was introduced in 1906.

It was competitive in size and price to an Edison Standard, as Columbia continued to introduce innovative new models with improved sound and other features. .

The BK came with a spring contact reproducer, which was more technologically advanced and produced greater volume than earlier Columbia reproducers.

This BK has been restored as much as I possibly could do. Almost 120 years of grease and grime have been removed.

All the gearing in the motor and upperworks has been cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. The mandrel shaft has been cleaned. The governor shaft has been cleaned and polished, important for smooth running.

Both mainsprings have been pulled, cleaned and re-greased. This is a big job, particularly on Columbia barrels which are not as easy to work on as some other brands, but it is an important job, necessary to keep the spring from sticking to itself as the motor unwinds.

What's more, the reproducer has a very good original sapphire stylus, and has been rebuilt, with new gaskets and a new diaphragm. You will rarely find a Columbia reproducer that plays this loud and impressively.

Maybe you are interested in Columbia machines, you like the looks of them, you like the diversity of models, but you have read somewhere that Columbia machines are trouble prone and not as reliable as Edisons. It's true that Columbia tried to cover every niche in the market and that Columbia quality was all over the board, but most of the problems with Columbia models devolved from Columbia's extensive use of pot metal, which swelled and cracked over the years. The BK is not a pot metal machine. Buy with confidence, it's as easy to get commonly needed parts for the BK as it is for most Edison models.

Cosmetically, this BK Graphophone has very good original finish and original decals.

This machine is now playing as nice as can be, as you can judge by clicking on the audio link, or by listening to a different record on the youtube video below.

Price includes 14" brass and black replica horn and 5 original cylinders in very nice condition. And yes, this machine will play 2 minute Edison as well as 2 minute Columbia cylinders.

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