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Edison Fireside Phonograph with cygnet horn for sale

This item has been sold. Please contact us - we may be able to find you another.

Introduced 1912, this Model B Fireside represents perhaps the technological apex of Edison's acoustic reproduction of sound. Its precision diamond stylus was engineered to work with the hard celluloid Blue Amberol records, and the vertical cygnet horn yielded the most faithful sound yet attained, all the while saving space.Cygnet horns to this day are strongly desired by collectors, yet because of their late date of entry are very scarce.

I have done everything possible to make this machine look and sound as nice as when it left the Edison factory.

The cabinet has been professionally refinished, and looks absolutely great.

Mechanically, the motor and upperworks have been taken apart and put back together, and a brand new mainspring has been installed. This means that the governor has been cleaned and polished, all gears oiled, cleaned and inspected, feed screw de-gunked, tensioner freed up, and the machine re-belted. This represents hours and hours of work, and is not a service likely to be performed on a machine you would purchase on a venue such as ebay.

The Diamond B reproducer has an excellent, original stylus, which has been inspected under magnification, and is playing very strong.

The cygnet horn has some corrosion and minor creasing, but is original paint, original decal, and is rare and decent enough so that you would not want to repaint it. It has been cleaned and polished.

The cygnet bracket is original. The craning is an older reproduction. Other than that, the only small thing I'd note is that one of the tiny lid clips is new.

The Model B Fireside is a straight four minute machine, and should only play 4 minute celluloid records. These records, primarily the Blue Amberols, are very plentiful and easy to find -- we'll include a half dozen with the machine to get you going.

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