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Edison Amberola V
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Edison Amberola V for sale

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Quite an unusual Amberola, the Amberola V was introduced in 1913 as a mid-price machine. The mechanism, although superficially similar to other Amberola models, was unique to the machine -- unlike anything Edison had done prior to this, and also unlike anything Edison did after it. A spring metal rod running through the mandrel shaft was attached to the mandrel, and driven by a large flywheel at the termination of the gear train (see picture of the upperworks disassembled).

Sales were relatively few; this example ports a serial number in the 1300 series. After the great factory fire of 1914 this and other early Amberola models were discontinued, replaced by the familiar Amberola 30,50 and 75. A revised version of the Amberola V case was then fitted with the Amberola 75 mechanism.

Mechanically, I've spend quite a bit of time on the restoration of this machine. It's been totally disassembled, cleaned, the spring re-greased, etc. Cosmetically, the machine has been left alone. I haven't attempted to repaint the bedplate, which typically flakes on this model. The case looks as if the finish was wiped down a little at one time to remove a layer of the old varnish, and there is a reproduction decal inside the lid.There's a tiny bit of separation on a few of the grill panels.

The reproducer has been taken apart and regasketed, and the machine is playing well.

This is a large and substantial phonograph. Dimensions are approximately 16.5 by 16.5 by 22 inches.

Includes a dozen original Blue Amberol records.

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