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Edison Amberola BVI
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Edison Amberola BVI with 20 records for sale


Three versions of the Amberola VI were issued from the Edison factory -- this is the middle version, the BVI, introduced late 1913.

Eschewing the complicated mechanism of the earlier AVI, Edison based the BVI on a modification of the reliable, proven design of the Edison Fireside Phonograph. This was a belt driven machine, powered by the dependable Fireside (also Standard) motor, with a gateless upperworks and a Diamond B reproducer for playing the 4 minute Blue Amberol records.

The example here has had extensive restoration performed upon it.

Mechanically the motor and upperworks have been disassembled, inspected, lubricated and put back together. The governor has been cleaned and polished for smooth running, and the mainspring has been pulled and re-greased, a big job, but important.

The mahogany case has been nicely refinished, some veneer replaced (the veneer on this model model typically peels), and the upper metal grilles and horn have been re-grained.

The original Diamond B reproducer is very strong, as you can hear in the mp3, and the machine plays as nice as it looks, and vice versa.

The unusual copper colored grille is the one we received with the machine. It is usually associated with the very, very scarce Amberola CVI.

This is a big and substantial machine, measuring around 16.5" by 20.5" by 19", far larger than the commonly seen Amberola 30.

Bonus! This Amberola VI comes with twenty nice colorful, original Blue Amberol cylinder records.

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