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Adapter Edison to 78rpm records
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Adapter - Edison to 78rpm records for sale


Out of the crate, Edison Diamond Disc phonographs could only play the special, thick 80rpm Edison records. This was because of patent reasons, and because Edison wanted to secure a monopoly on the sale of records for his machine.

For this reason, several companies offered aftermarket adapters to allow Edison machines to play regular, lateral cut 78rpm records. Because most Edison owners never purchased them, these adapters are scarce.

I do not know who manufactured the adapter depicted here. It is cast of pot metal, as most of these adapters were. The original pot metal reproducer is missing -- most of them swelled up and fell apart. So we have replaced it with a quality Sonora reproducer, which is actually far superior to the reproducer that would have originally come with this adapter.

Use of the adapter is quite straightforward. Rotate the knurled knob at the small end of the horn and pull your Edison reproducer straight out. Then just pop in the adapter. The adapter has a pin to line it up just like the Edison reproducer.

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