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27 inch Regina Accordion Case, Oak Coin-operated for sale


The 27" size was the largest and most impressive music box disc offered by Regina. This model, identified in Regina catalogues as a Style 7, dates ca. 1896-1900 and represented a sort of compromise between size and convenience in that the top folds up in the manner of an accordion in order to save space when the disc is not in position.

It's quite scarce; the authoritative Bowers Encyclopedia of Mechanical Music suggests that production was only in the hundreds.

The original finish oak case on this example is decorated with the fancy carvings and moldings popular at the turn of the century, and so appealing to collectors of antiques.

The folding case Regina was available in coin-operated and non coin-op versions. Judging from the number of examples I have seen I would say that the coin-op version is far, far scarcer.

This machine is (amazingly) complete with the original penny coin slot and complete coin mechanism. I have adjusted it so that it is working, although these mechanisms are notoriously temperamental and may require some fine-tuning after time. Fortunately, there's also an interesting secret proprietor's stop-start next to the coin drop, which would have originally been operated by some sort of small key. So you can play the machine manually or with a penny -- the two mechanisms are hooked together internally.

I have pulled the combs and cleaned them with some solvent, and also cleaned the star wheel gantry and dampers while the combs were off. There is a small amount of corrosion which was also cleaned mostly in a no harm position at the base of the combs, and primarily affecting only one tooth in the middle register of the lower comb.

There are no broken teeth. The motor is working and the machine will play through a complete disc.

The original finish case is very decent with only wear commensurate with age -- no noticeable dents or gouges.

Listen to the mp3 and you can hear it play through an entire tune. If you listen carefully you may hear the penny drop around half way through.

Price includes 10 discs.

A long time collector's favorite.

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