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27 inch Regina accordion case music box for sale

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It isn't often that we are privileged to offer a 27" Regina music box -- this is the largest disc size that Regina made. Regina advertised the combs as embracing over seven octaves. This and the 20" Regina are the only two machines that Regina ever designed as double comb single strike -- meaning that while the music box featured two combs, each star wheel struck one and only one tooth at a time.

Most 27" Reginas were of imposing physical size, housed in giant cabinets for commercial settings, but this rare machine is a little different, not only because it is a table top model, but also because it shrinks in size when the lid is closed. It was technically known as a Style 6, but is commonly referred to as an accordion case, folding case, or casket case Regina. When the lid unfurls it reveals the dishing wheels for the disc on the underside of the lid.

The accordion case Regina was made in limited quantities and has always been a favorite of collectors. The ornate case with carving and pressed wood molding was available in oak or mahogany -- this example has a very respectable original mahogany finish.

We haven't restored this example, but it is playing quite decently. There are no broken teeth and the motor is functioning properly.

Dimensions are approximately 17" by 12" by 33" with the lid open, or 17" by 12" by 27" with the lid closed.

Price includes ten 27" discs, which are quite hard to come by in their own right.

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