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Columbia Graphophone Type AT
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Columbia Graphophone Type AT for sale

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Introduced in 1898, this is the early, fancy version of Columbia's model AT.

The golden oak case with small pillars and case-filling colorful banner decal introduced a new level of ornateness to Columbia cabinets.

Cosmetically, this AT is in exceptionally beautiful condition, with an excellent nickel plated bedplate and very nice floral decoration on the black enamel chassis.The original finish retains its gloss.

Most of the AT machines made heavy use of pot metal in the upperworks and feed mechanisms. Although this example employs pot metal components, it is quite unusual in that it doesn't exhibit the usual deterioration of the pot metal that causes the machine to be non-functional and unrestorable.

The machine is playing properly, as you can hear in the mp3 file.

There are some screw holes in the back of the cabinet and a tiny chip off the back trim, evidence of a crane that was mounted from the rear of the machine a long time ago. The crank looks to me like an older reproduction. One small knob on the lid latch assembly is a replacement.

This machine is a good choice if you want a great, functional piece of eye candy. It is a good choice if you want an authentic, inexpensive piece of phonograph history. If you are going to be playing a lot of records then I would suggest you purchase one of our Edison machines of the same vintage. Columbia machines like this were never of the build quality, or acoustic quality, of their Edison competitors.

Price includes three very nice cylinders and 14" brass and black replica horn.

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