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2 minute Indestructible records for sale

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In order to cover our time and cost of packing materials, there is a $20 minimum order on cylinder records. The minimum purchase will be waved for repeat customers.

SOME NOTES ON RECORDS: Records are from mixed lots and are priced according to title and cond. When possible, records have been graded audibly; otherwise, records have been graded visually. cond codes are P,F,G,VG, and E, or as otherwise noted. G represents a record in average condition, with some wear, static or defects, but still playable and enjoyable. NB -- no box. NBT -- no box top.

Celluloid records such as Edison Blue Amberols and Indestructible cylinder records shrink with age and often will require reaming. Two minute records of brown or black wax such as the Edison Gold Molded Records are prone to mildew; I have tried to inspect these records for pitting and have noted problems when evident.

If you don't know what kind of record is appropriate for your cylinder machine please consult the Antique Phonograph FAQ or the tutorials on our homepage. In general, 4 minute black wax records should only be played on a machine with a saphire stylus. Blue Amberols are always four minute records, and can play on a machine with a diamond stylus,such as an Amberola. If you have a two minute machine (two minute Edisons were most commonly equipped with a Model C reproducer) then you need two minute black wax (gold molded) records or two minute Indestructible records.

Sorry no 2 minute Indestructibles are currently available.

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