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2 minute Columbia black wax records for sale

price as noted
In order to cover our time and cost of packing materials, there is a $20 minimum order on cylinder records. The minimum purchase will be waved for repeat customers.

SOME NOTES ON RECORDS: Records are from mixed lots and are priced according to title and cond. When possible, records have been graded audibly; otherwise, records have been graded visually. cond codes are P,F,G,VG, and E, or as otherwise noted. G represents a record in average condition, with some wear, static or defects, but still playable and enjoyable. NB -- no box. NBT -- no box top.

Celluloid records such as Edison Blue Amberols and Indestructible cylinder records shrink with age and often will require reaming. Two minute records of brown or black wax such as the Edison Gold Molded Records are prone to mildew; I have tried to inspect these records for pitting and have noted problems when evident.

If you don't know what kind of record is appropriate for your cylinder machine please consult the Antique Phonograph FAQ or the tutorials on our homepage. In general, 4 minute black wax records should only be played on a machine with a saphire stylus. Blue Amberols are always four minute records, and can play on a machine with a diamond stylus,such as an Amberola. If you have a two minute machine (two minute Edisons were most commonly equipped with a Model C reproducer) then you need two minute black wax (gold molded) records or two minute Indestructible records.


Collins and HarlanG, maybe 10pct light mildew, orig lid$12
1032Beautiful Dreamy Eyes

P, NBT, heavy mildew static esp first half$1
1323Blue Bell

Harry MacdonoughG, mod static maybe 20pct Col. mildew, playable, Edison box nbt$9
1586Come Down My Evening Star

Minnie Emmett (reference show as LuG, about 20pct mildew but plays clearly$20
807Dance of the Songbirds

P, NBT, still a little sound$1
1590Don't Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Minnie Emmett (attributed to LucillG, about a third mildew particularly at end, vocalist is clearly and loudly discernable over the sta$10
122Down On the Brandywine

tenortypical Col mildew, rim chip,moderate static,Ed box,NL$10
1119Flanagan at the Vocal Teacher's

VG, almost no mildew, Ed box NBT$15
1361For Sale A Baby

HarlanF+,mod static from maybe 15pct Col. mildew dusting, Harlan just a little faint, still playable nbt$5
1575General Hardtack on Guard

Billy MurrayG-, mild Col mildew, mod static, playable, Billy a little inarticulate, Edison box nbt$15
806Girls of Spring

OrchestraF, NBT, mod static, typical Col mildew, playable$3
1634Good-bye, Sis

Billy MurrayG-, light mildew dusting, mild to mod static, still plays loud and fairly understandably, nbt$10
1027I Loved You Better Than You Knew

Harlan and StanleyP.NBT, some sound but mod to heavy mildew static$1
1592I'd Leave My Happy Home for You

Invincible QuartetteG, mild mildew with heavier banding just at the very start and end, plays fine, orig lid$12
1345Levee Scene

OrchestraF, mod to heavy static, still a little sound, green amberol box nbt$2
1326Like a Star that Falls from Heaven

Joseph NatusF,nbt, 2 inch mildew band length of record, still playable$9

Collins and HarlanF+, moderate static from typical Col mildew,still playable$5
1884Mrs. Hiram Offen Discharges Bridget O'Sullivan

F-,nbt, some static with heavy static last third$3
1041My Dinah

Columbia QuartetF,NBT, a few digs including 1/4 inch dig, mild mildew mostly at ends, plays$3
1593Pretty Molly Shannon

Harry MacDonoughF, about half mildew, still some sound, orig lid$5
1859Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep

F-,green amberol box nbt$2
430Sailor's Song

GordonP, heavy static$1
1585Sally Forth ? March

Columbia OrchestraG-, some mildew last half but band plays through it$12
1303The Maiden and the Jay

J.W. MyersG, mild to mod static from typical Col mildew but still understandable, nbt$15
1627There's a Little Street In Heaven that They Call Broadway

Billy MurrayP, heavy static, you can hear the tune, nbt$2
607To My First Love

BurrF, mod mildew coating but playable, Edison box$4
1026Uncle Josh at Hickory Corners Church, also listed as Baptizing at Hickory C

Cal StewartG, first 1/16 inch mildew pitting other wise just typical Col surface noise, NBT$18
1327Uncle Josh on a Street Car

Cal StewartF+, nbt,2 inch mildew band length of record introduces some static but Stewart still articulate$20
1817Uncle Josh's Courtship

Cal StewartG+,nbt, not as sharp as Edison recordings but good for black wax Columbia$25
1570Uncle Josh's Trip to Boston

Cal Stewartmild Col mildew spotting, very playable, Stewart a little fuzzy but could be the recording,nbt$100
2002Uncle Quit Work Too

BaritoneF+, mildew covered but sounds far better than it looks, Edison box nbt$10
1626Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight

Columbia QuartetteF-, mod to heavy mildew static, a little sound, rim chp nap, nbt$2
1553Won't You Come Over to My House

BurrF-,mod to heavy mildew, nbt, still a little sound$3

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