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Victrola Eighteen (XVIII), Burl Walnut for sale


Introduced in 1915 at a cost of $300, the Victrola XVIII was Victor's top-of-the-line, most expensive machine.

The cabinet was a masterpiece of the furniture maker's art, with a bombe bulge and serpentine sides. and would have been quite costly and time consuming to construct.

Only around 3400 were sold with Victor's best triple spring motor, making surviving examples quite scarce and desirable.

This machine is almost always found in mahogany. The stunning burl walnut in the example here was a $50 extra (as was Circassian walnut veneer). When added to the innate ornateness of the Victrola XVIII, the burl walnut really makes the machine stand out as something elegant and special.

This machine has absolutely gorgeous original finish. There's a slight band of old scraching on one of the sides, but otherwise the finish as as nice as I have ever seen on a Victrola. The only other thing I might note is that the upper rear panel is missing, but as this would be pushed up against a wall it isn't noticeable. (It could be reconstructed by someone proficient with a router.)

The gold plating is quite nice. The motor is running properly. I have rebuilt the reproducer for authentic fidelity.

Purchase this only if you want the best of the best.

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