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Fifteen and a half inch short bedplate Regina music box - oak for sale


The late short bedplate Reginas represent the apex of development of the Regina music box, ringing out with exceptional brilliance and unsurpassed tonal quality. The bedplate extended across only half the case, and was mounted to a sort of secondary sounding board. Music boxes began to go out of fashion at the time of this innovation, and so short bedplate machines are scarce, and as such command a premium among collectors.

Short bedplate machines typically are associated with pretty serpentine cases, such as this Style 50 in an original finish golden oak case.

I have gone through this example a little bit to enhance its musical enjoyment. I pulled and re-greased the mainspring (a big job) to eliminate that discomforting crunch you hear when the spring lets down. I cleaned and put a new jewel in the governor assembly.

The combs were removed and cleaned and the leads gently lacquered. (Short bedplate machines are always double comb.) The dampers were cleaned and are working properly.

I have disabled the speed control on this machine. Most Reginas did not have adjustable speeds. The speed control is a nice feature when working, but it was a trouble prone design. I can reconnect it, but I guarantee that at some point it will cause the governor to bind and you will have to partially disassemble the motor.

The case has decent original finish, with some typical weathering and a light watermark on the lid. The lid picture, and inner lid picture frame molding, are reproductions.

Fifteen and a half inch was the most popular size of Regina, and fifteen and a half inch Regina discs are the easiest disc to obtain. This is the best of the fifteen and a half inch Reginas.

Includes ten very nice original discs.

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