Antique phonograph, Victrola, and music box paper and literature

an image of Brunswick records 1922 catalogue
Item no 728
Brunswick records 1922 catalogue

Catalogue lists all Brunswick records up to January 1922. Very useful for the record historian.

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an image of Seeburg automated instruments catalogue
Item no 533
Seeburg automated instruments catalogue

Excellent for identification, or just dreaming.

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an image of Piano Playing Mechanisms - Book
Item no 530
Piano Playing Mechanisms - Book

Consult this reference before you start you player piano rebuild.

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an image of Standard Talking Machine coupons
Item no 471
Standard Talking Machine coupons

For every dollar you spent with your local merchant you received coupons good towards a free talking machine. These Standard Talking Machine coupons have unfortunately been redeemed, but they still make a fascinating display to sit next to your Model X or Model A.

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$5 each
an image of Book - Clockwork Music
Item no 349
Book - Clockwork Music

Excellent general introductory reference work to mechanical music published in the early 1970s.

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an image of Victor Red Seal recording artists advertising posters
Item no 129
Victor Red Seal recording artists advertising posters

For the classical buff, a few portraits of 40s and 50s Victor recording artists.

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$20 each

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