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Gramophone isn't a term much used in the United States since the late 1890s. At that time, it meant a disc playing phonograph manufactured under the auspices of Emile Berliner, and you will see it advertised in old magazines as the Berliner Gram-o-phone (with hyphens). The wind-up Gramophone morphed into the Victor Talking Machine Company. In England, Victor Talking Machine became part of the Gramophone and Typewriter Company, and so the term gramophone was part of popular speech for quite a long time in the United Kingdom, though not in the United States.

Tips before you purchase a vintage gramophone for sale

1. Gently put a little pressure on the crank and wind until you feel moderate resistance. Don't force the crank. Release the brake and if necessary adjust the speed control. If the turntable doesn't take off, you could be looking at expensive repairs.

2. Gramophones were made in Europe by several companies. European gramophones in general are not as popular with collectors as American machines, and will often sell for substantially less.

3. Mainsprings should be available for all types of gramophones for sale. Beyond that, you may have trouble finding replacement parts. Many parts such as turntable drive gears and speed controls may be available for American Victor and Columbia machines, but may be difficult to locate for American off-brands or European machines, and beyond that any obscure gearing may have to be reproduced by an experienced machinist.

4. Beware of reproduction gramophones coming out of the near East. These machines can appear to have old wood and decals, and attempt to pass for antique. One telltale sign is that the horn is almost always made of hand-hammered brass. These reproductions have no collector's value.

I have been selling antique gramophones for over 35 years, and I stand behind what I sell. Any reproduction parts on our machines are clearly noted in the descriptions.

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