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Unusual European disc phonograph for sale


I can't tell you who manufactured this unusual European disc machine -- the best guess would be that it is of Swiss or German origin -- but what I can tell you is that it gives every indication of being a high end, top of the line, quality talking machine.

The case has a mahogany finish, rather than the commonly seen European pine. At this time, mahogany was a wood reflecting upper class tastes.The cabinet is in good condition, save for a few small flakes primarily on one piece of base molding.

But more interesting, there is a classical frieze with winged figures and charioteers applied over leather on all sides of the cabinet. The figures appear to be gilded, although it's possible they are brass or gold plate.

The tone arm has an art nouveau type raised decoration of leaves and flowers. The arm clips to the interior of the cabinet in a unique manner, in a sort of cross between a front-mount and rear-mount fitting.

The motor is quite substantial, and is working.

I doubt that the reproducer we received with this machine is original, but I have included some pictures of it, as well as of the housing that secures the tone arm to the reproducer.

The horn has quite a few creases and some tears in the metal. and would have to be repaired by a qualified metal worker. However, it gives every indication of being the proper, original horn for this machine; there are vestiges of brownish red paint on the horn matching the color of the mahogany cabinet.

Case dimensions are approximately 15 1/2" square by 7 1/2" tall.

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